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Association for Project Management British Broadcasting Corporation British Cement Association


OPM's clients also include

British Standards Institution
Burgess Salmon
Cable and Wireless
Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Botswana
Engineering and Construction Industry Training Board
Government of Zimbabwe
Industrial and Vocational Training Board, Mauritius
London Underground Ltd
Reading University
Resource Ltd
Royal Military College of Science
Tower Hamlets College
W H Smith
Zurich Financial Services

Improved Governance

When you suffer from limitations to your ambitions, from too many project surprises or from poor internal or external relations caused by project problems then may be your governance of project management needs to improve. We can help you with...

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Improved Competence

When you suffer from inadequate or unreliable programme and project management then you need to improve your competence. We can help you with...

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Improved Performance

When you need short immediate improvement in your programme and project management performance, we help by...

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